5 Features Of Luxurious Estates Houses For Sale In Accra 

Estates Houses For Sale in Accra

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Luxury real estate has taken an upward turn in Ghana, especially in Accra over the last couple of years as more real estate developers gain interest in building luxury estates houses for sale in Accra.

Dating to a couple of years back, the option of owning a luxurious estate house was not as seamless. Most estate developers didn’t have an interest in the Ghana real estate industry and as a result, it created a housing deficit of over 2.8 million. According to most real estate developers, the lack of interest was because most Ghanaians were low to middle-class income earners who couldn’t afford luxurious estate houses.

Seeing as the Ghanaian economy is performing better than it used to, and with more Ghanaian diasporas and foreigners relocating to the country, estate developers have gained an interest in building estates houses for sale in Accra and other parts of the country to cater to the needs of those who can afford them.

In this article, we discuss all you need to know about luxurious estates houses for sale in Accra. Their common features and amenities and what to look out for when buying estates houses for sale in Accra or any part of Ghana.

What Are Estates Houses? 

In Ghana, Estates houses are defined as a collection of similar houses developed and built by one estate developer with strict rules and regulations to follow in terms of the building plan. These houses have similar eloquent designs and come in types like townhouses, semi-detached, and fully detached houses, and, bungalows. They are also mostly in gated communities.

Luxury estates houses for sale in Accra are known to be located in neighborhoods that are attributed to high-income earners, the Ghanaian Diasporas, and foreigners who are in Ghana for short-term and long-term stays. Some of these neighborhoods are East Legon Hills, Cantonments, Airport Residential, Osu, Spintex, Labone, etc. 

Since they are newly developed, estates houses offer brand-new homes and a fresh sense of belonging to their buyers.

A List Of Some Luxury Estates With Estates Houses For Sale In Accra

  • Trassaco Valley
  • Devtraco Courts
  • Regimanuel Grey Estate
  • Ayi Mensah Park
  • Palm Valley Estate
  • The Oxford
  • Paradise Estate
  • Rohoboth Gardens
  • Odum Estates
  • Airport Hills

Detached estates houses for sale in Accra

How Much Do Luxury Estates Houses For Sale In Accra Cost?

The cost of estate houses in Accra differs from estate to estate. Some estates are developed with the sole purpose of serving the housing needs of the wealthy. While some may be developed to serve the middle to upper class in society.

Every estate developer has their way of pricing their properties and also who they intend to serve which makes the prices of estate houses in Accra for sale dependent on some factors like:

  • The location of the estate
  • The features and amenities of the estate
  • The type of building and number of rooms
  • Whether the rooms are furnished or unfurnished
  • The developers of the estate (some developers are known for only luxury and expensive houses)

Almost all luxury estate houses for sale in Accra are quoted in dollars, which means you would either have to pay in dollars or pay the Cedi equivalent. Luxury estates houses for sale in Accra can cost between $500,000 – $2.8m depending on how luxurious it is and the location. For example, a 3-bedroom house at Cantonments can cost about $650,000.

Common Features Of Luxury Estates Houses For Sale In Accra

Several luxurious estates are being developed by different real estate developers all over Accra. These estates offer a combination of modern design and top-notch amenities that represent luxury and wealth. Although most of the estates houses for sale in Accra are designed by different estate developers, they have a lot of features in common.


Most luxury estates houses for sale in Accra are located in exclusive neighborhoods that are attributed to the wealthy and foreigners. These neighborhoods boast of being in the heart of Accra and also having easy access to important landmarks of the city. 

For instance, estates in Cantonment, Airport Hills are very close to the Kotoka International Airport, exclusive foreign restaurants, big shopping malls like the Accra Mall, and historical landmarks like the Osu Castle. Staying in an estate that has easy access to landmarks such as the aforementioned makes it quite enjoyable and stress-free especially if you are a foreigner who is not used to the local way of life.

The Community

One of the best things about living in a luxury estate house in a gated community is the community and sense of belonging it offers. With such estate houses, you can have a bit of control over the community or people you surround yourself with. Every estate is dominated by a certain class of people which means that you have to find the ones you think you would be most comfortable living with as neighbors. 

Is it the wealthy and high class in society? Or middle class? Is it foreigners? 

A residential area like Labone is a place that is mostly associated with the middle class. This means estates houses in such places will be lower compared to a place like East Legon which is associated with the rich.


Another common thing about these luxury estates houses for sale in Accra is that most of them are in exclusive gated communities with innovative and contemporary designs that scream luxury. 

The houses strictly follow designs made by the developers and so most of the houses in a particular estate will either look the same or very similar to each other. For instance, Paradise Estates in East Legon has very similar building plans and colors that are visually appealing. The use of innovative technology and high-quality materials such as marble and granite also adds a touch of elegance to the houses.

Additionally, estates like Devtraco and Regimanuel Grey offer serviced lands for sale for you to build by yourself and give strict rules and regulations for you to follow while building. They present you with a building plan and certain quality standards that your building must meet. For this reason, luxury estates that sell lands to residents and allow them to build by themselves also follow a particular design that is visually appealing and meets certain luxurious standards.

Design of a modern house


As stated earlier, luxury estates houses for sale in Accra are mostly situated in exclusive gated communities with very tight security measures in place. For instance, the Exclusive Trassaco Valley has security measures like:

  • Perimeter Fencing
  • 24/7 Security Guards
  • Alarm Systems
  • Police Stations
  • Fire Stations
  • CCTVs

With the community being gated, the entrances to these exclusive luxury houses are very limited and everyone coming in has to go through strict protocols before they are allowed entry. This means that aside from protection from petty thieves and armed robbers, you may not have to worry about unwanted guests showing up at your doorstep ever. 

You wouldn’t have to worry about that family member or friend who shows up unannounced every time because it would be impossible to get through security without your consent.

Perimeter Fencing


The comfort of staying in a neighborhood that caters to your everyday needs in close proximity cannot be over-emphasized enough. Imagining staying in a neighborhood where you would have to drive for over an hour before you get access to a properly functioning gym. Say bye-bye to your workout routine because as much as you want to stay in shape, sacrificing 2 hours every workout day just to get to the gym and back home without the actual time for a workout isn’t something you can afford.

That is why staying in one of the luxury estates houses for sale in Accra can be a good thing. Luxurious gated communities like Regimanuel Grey Estate, Manet Cottage, and Devtraco Plus come with amenities like:

  • Gym
  • Spas
  • Parks
  • Libraries
  • Shopping Malls
  • Swimming Pools
  • Kids Playgrounds
  • Exclusive Bars and Restaurants 

Having good proximity to such amenities helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and you can be assured that you will be living your best life.

Golf clubs on a golf course that could be accra's dream golf course real estate

What To Consider Before Buying Estates Houses For Sale In Accra

Ready to buy your first estate house in Accra? Oftentimes, people looking to buy a home for the first time get too excited and forget to perform their due diligence before making payment. Here are some important things to consider before you buy estate houses for sale in Accra.


There are a lot of luxury estates houses for sale in Accra and it can be overwhelming to decide on one. One thing that can make this decision easy for you is the location of the estate. Do you want a quiet environment or a busy one?


What is your budget? How much are you willing to spend on your dream home? Having a set budget can help you to easily filter out your search since estates houses for sale in Accra vary significantly in price. A budget of about $650,000 can get you a luxurious place in the center of Accra. 


This is another important thing to consider in your search for estates houses for sale in Accra. Protecting your life and properties cannot be over-emphasized enough. Accra has a high crime rate compared to other cities in Ghana so be sure to check for security measures like security guards, CCTVs, and secured entry systems to the community and most importantly to our home.

Payment Plans

Several of these luxury estate houses for sale in Accra have similar payment plans. You can self-finance and pay at once or pay in installments or you can opt for a mortgage. Get to understand the payment options you can access especially if you are not paying all at once.

Legal Considerations

Although buying estate houses have fewer legal considerations compared to buying land and building from scratch, there are still some legal factors to consider and understand before you make payment. Seek the advice of a lawyer and get him to review the agreement, especially if you are a foreigner since the laws on foreigners owning property in Ghana are quite different from Ghanaians. For instance in Ghana, foreigners are allowed by law to have a lease period of 50 years while Ghanaians have it for 99 years. It is important to make sure your lease agreement states that the lease is renewable after the period elapses.


Several luxury estates houses are for sale in Accra. Depending on your budget and preferences, you will get a luxury estate house in a decent location in Accra. Most luxury estate houses have decent locations, planned community, eloquent designs, security, and amenities that support your day-to-day activities in common.

It is important to consider location, your budget, estate security, payment plans, and legal considerations before you buy an estate house in Accra.

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