A Comprehensive List Of Luxury Estates Houses With Their Prices And Location Ghana (2023)

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Ghana, located on the West African coast, is known for its rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and fast-growing real estate market. In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for estates houses in Ghana, both for residential and commercial purposes.

Most of these estate houses offer a serene and comfortable environment for individuals and families to make a home. And the best part is that acquiring them is almost hassle-free as long as you have a payment plan that is acceptable to the property owners. 

In this article, we take a look at estates houses with their prices and location Ghana.

Why Buy An Estate House?

As real estate experts, we are all for owning a house you can refer to as your own. That is why our website OWNHM, seeks to help real estate buyers get the best luxurious and affordable estate houses and apartments in Ghana. 

Although there are several routes you can take to becoming a homeowner, leaving out inheriting a property from a relative or receiving a property as a gift, the easiest way you can become a homeowner is by buying a completed estate house.

With this route, you can escape most of the problems that come with buying land and building from scratch. You avoid paying huge sums of money for building permits, issues with land guards, and the increasing costs of building materials.

Also, estate houses are well structured and planned therefore they offer a visually appealing look and meet certain quality standards of a luxurious community. You also don’t have to worry about encroachment on your land or property.

Owning an estate house in Ghana is one of the best investment decisions a person can take especially if it’s a luxurious property. This is because, in Ghana, luxurious houses tend to easily appreciate therefore there is a huge return on investment.

Let’s take a look at some available estate houses with their prices and location in Ghana to help with your search for an estate house to buy.


OWNHM is a real estate listing website exclusively for luxurious properties within Accra. On the OWNHM website, you will find a listing of luxurious estates houses and apartments that are available for sale in decent neighborhoods like East Legon Hills, Cantonments, Airport Hills, Spintex, and so on.

Estates houses on the OWNHM website have facilities like:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Accessible Rooftop for Parties and BBQ
  • Fitness Studios
  • State of the art interior decor

OWNHM works with the best real estate developers and agents to get you the best and most affordable luxurious estate houses. Our listings are checked and verified to confirm the property owners, locations, and conditions of the listed properties.

OWNHM House Listing
OWNHM – ImperiaIInn

OWNHM estates houses with their prices and location Ghana:

ImperiaIInnEast Legon3 bedroom$495,000
Metro ResidenceEast Legon3 bedroom$475,000
The ProUrbanRetreatEast Legon2.5 bedroom$379,500

Chain Homes 

Chain Homes are one of the leading developers of luxury estate houses in Ghana. They offer a new meaning to luxury living with their quality and luxurious designs in the Chain Homes gated community located in Airport Valley. 

Their houses are eloquently built. These beautiful mansions are located in a safe and easily accessible neighborhood close to the Kotoka International Airport. Their houses are very spacious and their estate management is top-notch which means your property will always be in a good shape.

Chain Homes houses come with:

  • Study rooms
  • Game rooms
  • Home cinemas
  • Utility rooms
  • Spacious garages 
  • Beautiful compounds

Chain Homes estates houses with their prices and location Ghana
Chain Homes – Osagyefo

Chain Homes estates houses with their prices and location Ghana:

The CaymanAirport Valley4 bedrooms$1.8m
SignatureAirport Valley4 bedrooms$1.9m
MajesticAirport Valley4 bedrooms$1.7m
HammockAirport Valley4 bedrooms$1.65m
Osagyefo Airport Valley5 bedrooms$1.69m
GroveAirport Valley4 bedrooms$1.5m
Harriot Airport Valley4 bedrooms$1.42m
AzzuriLashibi4 bedrooms$680,000

24 Odum Estates

The 24 Odum Estates is a collection of 8 contemporary residential townhouses located in the heart of Dzorwulu, a fast-growing business district. The Dorwulu township boasts beautiful luxurious residential estates houses and commercial buildings.  The 24 Odum estate houses each come with a terrace rooftop which is perfect for unwinding after a long stressful day.

The estate has easy access to the Airport City and other commercial hubs of the busy capital of Ghana. You can get easy access to places like the Airport, Accra Mall, and independence avenue.

24 Odum Estate
24 Odum Estates

24 Odum Estates houses with their prices and location Ghana:

Detached HousesDzorwulu4 bedroom$450,000
Semi-Detached HousesDzorwulu4 bedroom$395,000

Montgomery Residences

If you are a fan of golf and luxury living then this is the best place to own a house. The Montgomery Residences is a gated community located at East Legon Hills with a stunning view of its own 9-hole golf course, the Zenu Lake, and the beautiful Aburi mountains.

The Montgomery Residence has a residential community as well as a business community which makes it perfect for people looking to live a private life away from the hassle of the Accra City life.

The Residence has facilities like

  • Golf course
  • Fine shopping
  • Fine dining
  • Spa and Resort
  • Private Pools

Montgomery Ruby House
Montgomery Residence – Ruby

Montgomery Residence estates houses with their prices and location Ghana:

RubyEast Legon Hills5 bedroom$480,000
JasperEast Legon Hills3 bedroom$175,000

Oyarifa Park

From the developers of the popular and sold-out Ayimensah Park, Oyarifa Park is a vibrant community of about 200 residences featuring lush landscapes and beautiful views. Oyarifa Park is a safe and peaceful community located at Oyarifa, close to Abokobi and it offers a convenient lifestyle for individuals and families looking to move away from the heavy traffic life that comes with living in the center of Accra.

Oyarifa Park Offers:

  • A sports courts
  • Swimming pool
  • A safe gated community
  • Kids’ Play areas and landscape parks
  • A clubhouse with space for private events

Oyarifa Park estates houses with their prices and location Ghana:

The Greenwich IIOyarifa2 bedroom$174,000
The Chelsea IIOyarifa3 bedroom$230,000
The Sutton IIOyarifa3 bedroom$254,000

Devtraco Courts

Devtraco Courts have been one of the popular real estate companies providing luxurious yet affordable houses for the Ghanaian real estate market. Their estates are master-planned gated communities with beautifully designed townhouses, bungalows, and semi-detached and detached houses.

Devtraco Courts have developed a lot of estate communities in Accra that have sold out and they are still developing new ones. Their newest projects and houses can be located at Tema, community 25.

The houses have spacious rooms and come with fitted kitchen cabinets, security doors, water heater piping and wiring in all washrooms, etc.

Devtraco Courts available estates houses with their prices and location Ghana:

Mildred CourtsTema Community 253 bedroom$155,000+
Naa Borley EnclaveTema Community 254 bedroom$260,000+
Sunset CourtTema Community 253 bedroom$120,000+

Regimanuel Grey Estates

Regimanuel Grey is one of the most popular real estate developers in Accra. They are known to have estates that are strategically positioned in decent and luxurious communities like Airport Hills and Spintex. Although their popular estates in Accra are sold out they are developing new ones in the urban fridges of Accra.

These new projects are planned executive single and two-story buildings set in serene landscape environments with facilities like

  • Community Centres
  • Tennis Courts
  • Swimming Pools
  • Fitness Centres
  • Shopping Centres
  • Landscape Parks

Regimanuel Esatate
Regimanuel Estate – Adom Gate

Regimanuel Grey’s newest estates houses with their prices and location Ghana:

Adom GateKatamanso2-3 bedrooms$160,000 -$300,000
Ballon GateKwabenya2 bedrooms$125,000
Meridian GardensKlagon2-3 bedrooms$190,000 – $270,000
Eagles PlaceSakumono2 story$600,000 – $650,000

Trassaco Springs

The Trassaco group and developers of one of the most exquisite and expensive gated communities in Acca, Trassaco Valley, have developed another gated community with a different concept, The Trassaco Springs. 

Trassaco Springs is 3km from the Trassaco Valley off the Tema Motorway. Trassoco Springs offers the opportunity to buy a piece of land and build from scratch or buy from their shell and partially completed houses to complete it yourself.

This is desirable for individuals who want absolute control over the finishing of their houses. With the Shell houses at Trassaco Springs, you get to choose your own doors, sanitary ware, and kitten fittings while the partially completed ones give you control over the finishing and interior design.

A partially completed house at Trassaco Springs
Trassaco Springs – Partially Completed House

Trassaco Springs estates houses with their prices and location Ghana:

Premium Villa – ShellTema Motorway3-4 bedrooms$170,000 -$180,000
Premium Villa – Level ATema Motorway3-4 bedrooms$230,000 – $270,000

Belton Residences

Taking you to the beautiful mountains of Aburi, Eastern Region is the eloquent Belton Residences. These Residences is a luxury gated community nestled in the calm and peaceful Aburi Hills. The Belton Residence is perfect for holiday homes or for individuals and families looking to relocate from Accra but not too far from Accra.

Belton Residences is just a stone’s throw away from the Aburi Botanical Gardens and Adom Waterfalls. The Residences are 3 -4 bedroom houses with the state of the art finishes including a fireplace for the cooler Aburi evenings.

Belton Residences offer:

  • A cool atmosphere
  • The flexibility of personalizing your homes
  • Natural beauty and stunning surroundings
  • Spaciously spaced homes to give you privacy
  • Imported and custom-made security doors, windows, and fittings.
Belton Residence at Aburi
Belton Residence – Aburi

Prices of the Belton Residences are available upon request from the developers. Note that the project is new and houses are built upon payment. It usually takes 12-24 months to complete your house and you have options to choose from their available designs.

Prabon Greenfields

The Prabon Greenfields is the first gated community in Kuamsi and perfect for individuals and families wanting to relocate to Kumasi. This Estate represents the rich Ashanti culture with its main entrance gate which is designed like the rich Ashanti Kente cloth. It offers modern homes to the people in the Garden City, Kumasi and it is a gated community that has the blessing of the Ashanti King, Otumfour Nana Osei Tutu II.

For this reason, many refer to it as Otumfour Estate thereby providing the prestige and class that goes with living there.

Prabon Greenfields estates houses with their prices and location Ghana:

PalmKumasi3 bedrooms$250,000
PineKumasi3 bedrooms$350,000
CedarKumasi4 bedrooms$400,000 
OakKumasi5 bedrooms$500,000
AcaciaKumasi3 bedrooms$149,000


There you have it, a list of luxury estates houses with their prices and location Ghana. Starting from $150,000 you will be able to become a homeowner in any part of Ghana. Be sure to check our website, OWNHM for a listing of other luxurious apartments for sale and rent in Accra.

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