1. What is OWNHM?
OWNHM is a leading real estate listing platform that connects property buyers, sellers, property
developers and agents across Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya. We offer a
comprehensive database of properties, ensuring a seamless property buying and selling

2. How do I list my property on OWNHM?
To list your property, simply create an account, fill in the property details, upload high-quality
photos, and submit. Our team will review the listing and, once approved, it will be live on the

3. Is there a fee to list properties?
Listing on OWNHM is free for the first three properties. Premium listings come with a nominal

4. How do I search for properties?
Use our user-friendly search bar to enter the location, property type, and price range. The
platform will display properties matching your criteria.

5. Are the property listings verified?
Yes, all property listings undergo a verification process to ensure accuracy and authenticity.

6. How do I contact a property agent or owner?
Each property listing has contact details of the agent or owner. You can either call them directly or
use the ‘Contact’ button on the listing page.

7. What should I do if I suspect a fraudulent listing?
Please report any suspicious listings immediately using the ‘Report’ button on the property page.
Our team will investigate and take necessary actions.

8. Can I save properties to view later?
Yes, by creating an account, you can save properties to your ‘Favorites’ for easy access later.

9. How often are new properties added?
New properties are added regularly, ensuring a fresh and diverse selection for potential buyers.

10. Do you offer any additional services?
Yes, we collaborate with various service providers, offering services like property valuation, legal
advice, and mortgage assistance.

11. How do I reset my password?
Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login page and follow the instructions to reset your

12. How can I get more visibility for my property listing?
We offer premium listing options that highlight your property and place it at the top of search
results for increased visibility.

13. How do I provide feedback or suggestions?
We value your feedback! Please use the ‘Contact Us’ page to share your thoughts, suggestions,
or any concerns.

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