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Investing in Ashongman Estate Accra has become increasingly popular as it has emerged as one of the top real estate investment opportunities in the city, thanks to its strategic location, excellent connectivity, and proximity to important landmarks.

An Introduction to An Introduction to Investing in Ashongman Estate Accra:

As a result of the soaring real estate prices in prestigious neighbourhoods like Airport Residential Area, Cantonments, East Legon, Roman Ridge, and Dzorwulu, the middle class has found it increasingly challenging to secure affordable homes in these areas. Consequently, middle to high-income earning families are now turning their attention to more budget-friendly alternatives, such as Kwabenya and Ashongman Estate.

These areas offer a perfect blend of affordability, accessibility, and modern amenities, making them an attractive option for families seeking a comfortable and convenient lifestyle without compromising on quality. The influx of middle to high-income earners in Kwabenya and Ashongman Estate has also led to a surge in demand for real estate in these neighbourhoods, making them a hotspot for both investors and homebuyers alike.

Strategic Location:

Ashongman Estate is strategically located in the northern part of Accra, making it a prime choice for investors and homebuyers alike. The estate’s proximity to key Facilities such as the Ga East Municipal Hospital, Kwabenya Community Hospital, Victory Bible Church, the west bridge School, etc, etc, ensures that Ashongman Estate remains a sought-after destination for those looking to invest in the Northern Part of Accra real estate market.

House in Ashongman Investing in Ashongman Estate Accra

Where is Ashongman Estate Located? 

The estate is well-connected by a network of major roads and highways, such as the N6 Highway, the N4 Highway, and the Pokuase Interchange. These roads provide residents with quick and hassle-free access to other parts of Accra and its surrounding areas.

Furthermore, the availability of public transportation options, including buses and shared taxis, ensures that residents can easily commute to their desired destinations without relying on personal vehicles. This enhanced connectivity not only reduces travel time but also contributes to a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Unleashing the Growth Potential and Property Appreciation in Ashongman Estate

Infrastructure Development: The ongoing development of roads, highways, and public transportation in and around Ashongman Estate has made the area more accessible and attractive to potential investors and homebuyers.

Potential for Property Appreciation:

The growing demand for real estate in Ashongman Estate, coupled with the limited availability of land, has led to a steady rise in property prices in the area. As a result, investing in Ashongman Estate Accra offers significant potential for property appreciation over time. Some factors contributing to this appreciation include:

Infrastructure Improvements:

As the government and private sector continue to invest in infrastructure projects in and around Ashongman Estate, the area’s overall appeal and property values are likely to increase further.

Growing Commercial and Residential Demand:

The influx of businesses and middle to high-income families into Ashongman Estate is expected to fuel the demand for both commercial and residential properties, leading to higher property prices in the long run.

Scarcity of Land:

With limited land available for development in Accra, the competition for prime real estate in areas like Ashongman Estate will likely intensify, resulting in higher property prices over time.

Investing in Ashongman Estate Accra: A Diverse Range of Property Options for Every Budget and Lifestyle

Ashongman Estate, offers a variety of property options to suit different budgets and preferences. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, investing in Ashongman Estate Accra provides an opportunity to choose from a wide array of property types.

Apartments in Ashongman Estate:

For those seeking a low-maintenance and cost-effective living solution, apartments in Ashongman Estate are an ideal choice. These modern residential units come in various sizes, from studio apartments to multi-bedroom options, catering to individuals, couples, and small families. With an array of amenities, such as 24-hour security, on-site parking, and fitness centers, investing in Ashongman apartments provides a comfortable and convenient lifestyle for urban dwellers.

Townhouses in Ashongman Estate:

Ashongman Estate boasts a selection of beautifully designed townhouses, perfect for families seeking a balance between community living and privacy. These properties typically feature multiple bedrooms, spacious living areas, and private outdoor spaces, providing ample room for families to grow and thrive. Additionally, townhouses within Ashongman Estate often come with access to shared amenities like playgrounds, swimming pools, and clubhouses, further enhancing the appeal of this property type.

Standalone Homes in Ashongman Estate:

For those who prefer a more secluded and personalized living experience, investing in Ashongman Estate offers a variety of standalone homes. These properties come in different architectural styles and sizes, ranging from modest bungalows to luxurious villas, ensuring that there is an option for every budget and taste.

Investing in Ashongman Estate Accra: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Safety and Security

Investing in Ashongman Estate Accra has its fair share of advantages, such as affordability and diverse property options. However, potential investors and homebuyers must also consider the safety and security of the area. In this section, we will discuss the safety concerns in Ashongman Estate and its surrounding areas, highlighting the challenges and offering alternative options for families seeking a more secure environment, like East Legon and West Legon.

Safety Concerns in Ashongman Estate:

While Ashongman Estate has been gaining popularity among middle to high-income earners, it is essential to address the safety concerns associated with the area. Some of the factors contributing to these concerns include:

  • Limited Highly Secured Homes:
    Ashongman Estate and its surrounding areas have a relatively smaller number of highly secured homes compared to more affluent neighbourhoods, making it potentially more vulnerable to security threats.
  • Economic Disparity:
    The presence of very poor families living around Ashongman Estate can contribute to a sense of insecurity due to the stark contrast in living conditions and resources.
  • High Unemployment:
    The area’s high unemployment rate, particularly among the youth, may contribute to criminal activities such as armed robbery. A lack of perspective and limited opportunities can sometimes lead young men to engage in unlawful activities to make ends meet.
  • Weighing the Options: East Legon and West Legon as Safer Alternatives:
    For families prioritizing safety and security when investing in real estate, East Legon and West Legon could be better options. These neighbourhoods are known for their:
  • Gated Communities and Security Measures:
    Both East Legon and West Legon boast a higher number of gated communities and homes with advanced security systems, providing a more secure living environment.
  • Higher Employment Opportunities:
    The presence of numerous businesses, educational institutions, and other establishments in East Legon and West Legon ensures better job opportunities for residents, potentially reducing the risk of crime.
  • Well-planned Infrastructure:
    The well-planned infrastructure, including roads, street lighting, and public services in East Legon and West Legon, contributes to the overall sense of safety and security in these neighbourhoods.


Investing in Ashongman Estate Accra has its benefits, but it is crucial to weigh the pros and cons, particularly regarding safety and security. While the area offers affordability and a range of property options, potential investors and homebuyers should also consider the safety concerns associated with the neighbourhood. For those prioritising safety, neighbourhoods like East Legon and West Legon offer a more secure environment with better infrastructure and employment opportunities. It is essential to carefully evaluate your priorities and make an informed decision when investing in real estate in Ashongman to ensure a safe and comfortable living experience for you and your family.

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