Key Tips for Your First Luxury Apartment in Accra Ghana

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Ready to move into your first luxury apartment in Accra Ghana? We understand how exciting it is to move into your dream apartment. Incredible location, state-of-art features, luxurious amenities, outstanding aesthetic appeal, modern technology, and high security are some of the top features of these luxury apartments. However, moving into your first luxury apartment in Accra, Ghana, is not as simple as it seems. It comes with lots of responsibilities and challenges.

Key Tips for Your First Luxury Apartment in Accra Ghana

This guideline has demystified the process to help you understand what you need to consider and what you should expect.

First Luxury Apartment in Accra? – Do your work

Moving into your first luxury apartment in Accra, Ghana, is one of the most beautiful feelings. Agree? For that, we always advise you to do your homework. List down your favourite areas in Accra, Ghana, the total number of bedrooms you will need, the bathrooms, the view, the interior, security, and everything you need. Also, list down your budget, income, and the expenses you will have in the luxury apartment.

Choose the right help – An exclusive apartment finder

Once you have listed down all of your requirements, budget, and other essentials, call an exclusive Apartment finder in Accra, Ghana. Or, get in touch with an exclusive and luxury real estate agent or team. Please make sure they are reliable, knowledgeable, exclusive, and experienced. We recommend you check on OWNHM – An exclusive luxury apartment finder in Accra, Ghana. They have a team of highly experienced, helpful, and knowledgeable real estate agents to help you at every step of your purchase.

Moreover, OWNHM is a multi-listing company with a huge number of luxury apartments already listed. With many such listings and highly experienced teams, finding your dream luxury apartment is a no-brainer for them. Just click and speak to the expert advice for FREE.

Once done, let’s run you down with more help finding your luxury apartment.

Before you move in

After speaking to your exclusive luxury apartment finder in Accra, Ghana, we recommend setting up a face-to-face meeting. Tour the desired properties, and don’t forget to ask these questions about your top favorites.

  1. How old is this luxurious apartment?
  2. How many tenants have already lived in that condo?
  3. Was the rekey job done after the last person left the apartment?
  4. Can I have spare keys for my luxury apartment?
  5. Who in the office will have access to the spare keys to my apartment?
  6. What were the safety measures taken to protect my luxuriant apartment security and the keys?
  7. What is the cost of a replacement key, and what is the procedure?

Size of the luxury apartment

The next factor you should focus on is the apartment size. Choosing the right apartment size is one of the most crucial factors. Choose sufficient square feet where you should not feel cramped up, or you are tripping over other things constantly. Make sure the apartment size is good enough for the luxury feel. If you have kids with you, make sure your lavish condo should have a bit more space. Moreover, your luxury suite should be pet-friendly if you have a pet.

Location of the luxury apartment

Try to choose a secure, lavish, clean, and adequately maintained area. Your lush apartment should be within a close boundary wall. And, if you commute the work, make sure your luxurious condo is not too far from your office.

Amenities offered

You buy a luxury apartment for the incredible amenities it offers. Agree? It’s not nice to buy a lavish apartment at a high price and pay third parties for the amenities like internet, parking, and laundry. Please make sure your apartment should offer remarkable amenities like high-speed internet, a parking garage, high-level security, a studio, a swimming pool, a games area, and a lot more.

Opulence views

Your luxury and upscale apartment should offer panoramic views. The perfect views from a luxury apartment should not be taken as the second choice. Other high-standard amenities won’t work if your high-value apartment is not offering miraculous views.

State-of-the-art facilities

State-of-the-art facilities are a must for your opulence apartment. Modern and fully equipped kitchens, swimming pool, in-house gym, Jacuzzi in the bathrooms, high-speed wifi, spacious living spaces, and automated temperature control are among the few facilities a luxury apartment should offer.

Before moving to your best-loved luxury apartment, please pen your apartment security measures. This will be your proof in case a future security risk occurs.

When you are moved in

During your stay at the apartment, do not lose the keys. Apartment keys should be your top responsibility. We know the office guys have spare apartment keys for sure! But, they are available for certain hours of the day. So, if you get locked, you may have to stay outside for hours until someone finally comes to help you. To avoid this situation, here are some helpful tips for you.

Make copies

If your lease agreement allows you to make copies of your keys, please do that for everyone living in the apartment. Also, try to make a spare key. However, if the lease agreement does not allow you, don’t do that. But, try to ask for a spare key. You can also take more help from your OWNHM real estate agent.

Share the spare key but don’t hide

If you have a trusted family member, friend, or relative living near your apartment. Please share the spare key with them. Make sure that person is highly trusted and won’t do anything for you to be ashamed of in the future. Also, he should live near to you. Are you thinking of sharing with a neighbour? Oh! I am sorry, but that’s not a good idea. You are new and don’t know anyone on a personal level. Be very careful with your key holder.

Also, do not hide the spare key under the welcome mat or in the flower pot. These are the first places a crook will look into to make your most loved apartment vulnerable to theft.

Take the extra care

A luxury apartment doesn’t deserve the care of a regular apartment. It would be best if you were extra careful. Make sure your luxury apartment is clean every time. Be cautious while using all the high-quality amenities because if you damage anything, it can cost you. Also, do not play music at high volume.

Impress the neighbour 

            A luxury apartment offers you a highly sophisticated, ultra-rich, and usually very professional neighbourhood. Getting along well or having a good relationship with your neighbour is extremely important. You never know who your most significant opportunity, client, business, or life partner will be. Be warm, empathetic, and friendly with your neighbours. And try to be courteous with a well-maintained yard and follow the noise level measures. Also, if you have pets, especially dogs, please train or enrol them in a course to control barking.

If you want to take your relationship with your neighbour to the next level, participate in the neighbourhood association or send some gifts.

When you move out

There is a lot to take care of and manage when you need to move out of your first luxury apartment in Accra, Ghana. Apartment keys are one the most crucial things to take care of. Let’s discuss what you can do to them.

Return them to the office: Return keys of all types, including main door, mailbox key, pool key, gym key, access card, and spare keys.

Return them on time: Return the keys on time. You may be charged some additional fee if you return them late. So, ask your OWNHM agent about the appropriate time to return the keys. The cost can be deducted from your security if you don’t return them. Be careful about that.

Clean the apartment: Make sure to clean your luxury apartment and return it as it is. Make sure it is not messy. If anything is damaged or needs repair, inform management or replace it before leaving.

Meet your friends in the neighbourhood: It’s always a great gesture to meet and say goodbye to your friends in the neighbourhood. Ask them to stay in touch and remember you if they need help.

If you are searching or thinking of searching or need help in your first luxury apartment in Accra, Ghana, be sure to get in touch with an Exclusive Apartment finder in Accra, Ghana. OWNHM has a significant number of luxury apartments listed to meet your requirements in your budget. Speak to the OWNHM agents now.

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