What to Check While Renting an Apartment in Accra Ghana?

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If you talk about renting an apartment in Accra Ghana, there are several options available that cater to varying customer needs. However, irrespective of what your apartment preferences are, it is important to cater to some important factors. Getting an apartment on rent in Ghana should never be a hasty move.

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Other than that, here are some important factors that should be taken into consideration.

Getting a feel of the Kitchen Area

There is absolutely no doubt that the kitchen is a very integral area of any household. A major chunk of the daily time span is spent here so it is mandatory that all necessary essentials are present.

Here are some areas to look at

  • Availability of Table, Stools, Pans, Coffee Pot
  • Dish Towel, Soaps and Drying Rack
  • Usable, Kitchen Set, Dining Essentials,
  • Set of Trash Bags, Knives and Glasses
  • Water Pitcher

Is the Bedroom Up to the Mark

After coming from a full day at work, the first thing that someone looks for  is a comfortable night’s sleep. Hence have a proper look at the bedroom / bedrooms before you give a nod for apartment rental in Ghana. For instance, suppose that you have opted for a furnished property. In that case, have a look at the standard of furniture, dressing area, foam provided and presence of pests. At times, the location of the apartment is amazing but the bedroom is in shambles. This can be a major point to look at other options. There is no point in renting an apartment where you have to procure new bedroom commodities.

What to Check While Renting an Apartment in Accra Ghana? - house for rent in ghana
What to Check While Renting an Apartment in Accra Ghana? – house for rent in ghana

Here are some areas you need to look at while examining the apartment bedroom

  • Frame of Bed and standard of Mattress
  • Basket For Waste, Curtain Rods,
  • Dressing Mirror and Table
  • Dressing Area

Bathroom and Washing Facilities

Living in an apartment without full scaled bathroom facilities can surely be a problem. Apart from the hygiene angle, all the required components should be installed. For instance, check the shower, taps, soap stands and even water flow through the installed pipes. At times, water lines are clogged. This is also one of the main point when renting an apartment in Accra Ghana.

Along with that, the bathroom area should have sufficient space in terms of covered area.

Here are some areas you need to keep an eye on while examining the bathroom

  • Condition of Shower Curtain
  • Condition / Availability of mats\
  • Air Freshener and Exhaust Window

Laundry / Washing and Ironing Area

In a lot of situations, apartments do not have an up to the mark washing area. It lacks basic things that people seek. Here are some facilities that the laundry area should have

  • Functional Iron with Stand
  • Steamer and Dryer Sheets
  • Detergent and Washing Liquid

Living Area / Lounge

After coming tired from work, the first place where one plans to relax for a short span is the lounge. Lack of comfortable sitting and insufficient lighting are some problems that you can witness while visiting apartment lounges.

Here are some key facilities a good apartment lounge should have

  • Sofa set / lounge chairs with quality foam stuffing
  • A coffee table that is stable and unbroken
  • Side Tables
  • Television Mounted properly

Other Miscellaneous Needs

People have other miscellaneous requirements as well according to their needs. For instance, if you are shifting with a dog,  a mini kennel or dog house should be present. Here are some miscellaneous constituents that a good apartment for rent in Ghana should have.

  • Pet Accommodation as per requirements
  • Medical Kit / First Aid Box
  • Emergency Light

To sum it all up, an apartment with all necessities offers immense comfort. In other cases, if you do not check all integral areas, there would be a need to contact the landlord unnecessarily and follow up to get these gaps filled.

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